The Tree of Life - Pledging to the Animals

Giving as little as $10 each month can make a world's difference for the animals at PAWS.
Donors of $10 or more per month for a year will have their name posted on the "Tree of Life" at PAWS shelter.

For 287 dog years...

PAWS for Life has been Pueblo’s go-to shelter, saving thousands of innocent animal lives.

This would have never been possible without YOU!

Monthly donations to PAWS for Life can be submitted by the donation form below or by mail. All donations are deeply appreciated!

For donations by mail, the pledged amount will be automatically withdrawn from your account by simply filling out the attached pledge “Authorization Form” and mail to P.O. Box 11208, Pueblo, CO 81001 – Attn: Tree of Life. You may also contact the shelter at 719-543-6464 to receive your form.

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Tree of Life Donors

Kimberly Alfonso, L. Richard & Ona Marie Amman, Orpha Andrews, Jean Aumiller, Alexandria Barger, Ross Barnhart, Barbara Benedict, Barbara Bensik, Lindsay Booth, Kathryn & William Chambers-Mcauliffe, Janice Chase, Elisabeth Cheney, Carolyn Christopher, John & Linda Cirullo, Jan Coffee, Michael Colucci, Sandra Cook, William & Ellie Crain, Linda Cwiak, James & Jeannine Dunaway, Ima Dunn, William & Erica Edwards, Patrick & Merrill Lee Flanigan, Doris Frost, Margaret Gacnik, George Garza, Carlie Genova, Alisa Golob, Traci Haines, Nancy Hale, Stuart Hemphill, Judith Hocking, Gael Holderman, Arlene Ianne, Frances Jackovich, Toni Just, Beverly Kachel, Carol Kemski, Darla & Daniel Kirkland, Pat Kochan, Richard & Jeannie Koshak, Remi & Kathryn Kristensen, Carol Kuhns, Joann Kuzmiak, Beth Lancaster, Gerald & Marilyn Lehl, Rosalie Linan, Flora & Helen Lucero, Caroline Luellen, Margie Mastrini, Ruth Mcdonald, Larry & Kathleen Mcintyre, Jeane Mckim, Sonja Melton, Lisa Miller, Charles & Susan Montez, Fulton & Debi Mortimer, Mary Moya, Jennife Mravich, Helen O’Connor, Maryann Ottino Sternal, Timothy Padilla, Geoff & Sandy Pagnotta, James & Marjorie Penrod, Beverly Percival, Marsha Perry-Ellis, W.L. & Karen Porter, Peter & Sara Quinby, K. & D. Ritchie, Marvin Rogers, Carla Ross, Linda Samec, Nick Savage, Mark Schaukowitch, Claudia Sergejev, Benjamin & Kelly Sisneros, Terry & Chris Sluder, Stephanie Smith, Kathy Sutton, Donna Thomas, Jolene Thomas, Marilyn Thompson, Madleon Tryon, Marie Valencia, Lori Vasquez, Michael & Mary Versteeg, James & Pat Wake, Carol Warner, Dennis & Jacci Zabukovic, Katherine Zerfas.