All About PAWS For Life

Simply put, we are animal-lovers.
But that love comes with its challenges! When you believe that animals deserve dignity... When you give pets a second (or third, or fourth) chance through adoption... When you try to help any cat or dog dropped on your doorstep... When you provide emergency vet services, food, shelter and (of course) love.

About PAWS For Life

PAWS for Life’s mission is to take in lost or unwanted animals; to return lost ones to their owners whenever possible or after having them spayed or neutered, place them in good homes; and to educate the public about intelligent and humane treatment of animals.

PAWS is a private animal shelter. We operate on “limited admission” based on space, staffing and adoptability.

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Challenges is are our passion

Our team work closely together to build a creative and positive working environment. Functionality is as important to us as aesthetics. We break all boundaries if they happen on our way of project’s development!

  • Professional support;
  • High-quality consultations;
  • Best specialists;

Meet our team

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Marry Weine


Alexandra Martulen


Ann Martines

General manager